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kids playing baseball

I coach my son’s T–ball team and I found email was not going to be the answer in keeping everyone informed. Several parents don’t have email, and when you’re running around email often gets checked too late. Share the News allows me to keep everyone informed with only a 2–minute call and the Khoury League gets complements about my communication.

— Charlie Luraschi

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Advanced Features: Share the News — Professional Version

If you are in need of a system that allows you to do more than basic broadcasting, QuikContact may be a better fit for you.

Find–Me Lists

Along with all of the features of Share the News.com, QuikContact offers the ability to create “Find–Me” lists that will stop calling subsequent numbers on an individual target recipient’s list once a live answer is confirmed. This saves you money and your target doesn’t receive the message multiple times on multiple numbers after they’ve already acknowledged receipt.


QuikContact also affords its users the opportunity to instantly survey a few or a few thousand target recipients using our unique survey creation tool.

  • Quickly customize your survey for machine or live answers
  • Record your own questions using the computer or phone
  • Create any combination of basic (press 1/press2, etc.), date/time, currency, numeric and first/last name question types
  • Use jump and call transfer features
  • Real–time reports give you instant feedback
  • Easy to learn — easy to use — immediate results

Email/Text Messaging

  • Send to email and text message addresses
  • Recipients directed to call into system to retrieve voice message
  • Communicate your messageconsistently, clearly and completely — no matter how it’s received

Inbound Message Boards

  • Set up one or more PINs so callers can receive updates by calling into your secure message board
  • Either launch a call or distribute the call–in number and PIN so your recipients can access your message or survey
  • Communicate your message consistently, clearly and completely — no matter how it’s received