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I coach my son’s T–ball team and I found email was not going to be the answer in keeping everyone informed. Several parents don’t have email, and when you’re running around email often gets checked too late. Share the News allows me to keep everyone informed with only a 2–minute call and the Khoury League gets complements about my communication.

— Charlie Luraschi

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Share the News.com Features

Share the News delivers your voice message to a few contacts or a few thousand. All it takes is a single call — or a simple click. You don’t need special hardware or software — just a web browser and a phone. Our easy–to–use secure web system lets you create or upload your calling list, record your message and send your call to everyone quickly, easily and inexpensively. Share the News is great for:

  • Baby announcements
  • “Save the Date” message for weddings
  • Graduations
  • Medical updates
  • Athletic notifications
  • Last–minute cancellations
  • Career changes
  • And much more

Our system is easy to use, but it’s also packed with powerful features. Share the News provides:

Training and Support

  • On–line user manual
  • Pop–up help guides
  • Support packages available

Message Creation — Multiple Ways:

  • Call our toll–free number and record your message from any touch tone phone. You can record, play, and re–record the message until you’re satisfied.
  • Upload a Wav or MP3 audio file of your message. If you have a microphone on your computer, you can create and send the file without leaving your desk.
  • Reuse a previous message. Share the News.com lets you store messages so you can use them again later.

Contact List Development:

  • Create online
  • Upload your contact lists from Excel
  • Import contact information from a database

Message Broadcasting:

  • Caller ID displays your phone number — the call recipient will respond more readily to a familiar number
  • Flexible broadcast delivery time — you can set the date and time your message is sent
  • Call delivery confirmation
  • Set busy and no–answer retry intervals
  • Allow message replay — listeners can replay the message
  • Emergency call priority — Emergency broadcasts take precedence over all system calls

Message Replies:

  • Accept replies from recipients (if desired)
  • Set an inbound PIN so that your message can be heard and replied to by calling into the system’s toll—free number
  • Access replies via web or phone
  • Download replies to a CD (e.g. baby or wedding keepsakes)
  • Save to your computer and share with others through email


  • Secure access via computer or phone — we use SSL encryption and dual password authentication
  • Your data is always protected and never used by us for any purposes other than delivering your calls


  • Real–time reports — check your status reports even while the calls are still being delivered
  • You’ll know whether each call was completed to a phone or machine, if the line was busy or unanswered, or if any numbers are bad or undeliverable
  • Archived reports available


  • Billing increments in 30 second intervals
  • No long–distance charges
  • No charge for busy signals or no answers
  • Only buy the block of minutes that fits your needs
  • Keep a credit card securely on file and recharge your account if and when you need more minutes (optional)
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Advanced Features: Share the News — Professional Version