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“Having the ability to contact our customers immediately during a snow event has allowed us to effectively communicate without spending a lot of time doing it.”

— Donna D., Dowco Enterprises, Inc.

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To use Share the News.com, you’ll need to pre–purchase a block of call minutes at sign up. As you use the system, charges are debited from your account in 30–second increments.

It’s easy to determine the size of the call package you need to purchase.

Consider these factors:

How many numbers will be included in your list? Will your recorded message be under or over 25 seconds? Will you be accepting replies from your target recipients?

If your message will be brief, each call will most likely debit only 30 seconds from your block of time. (Therefore, if you purchase 100 minutes, you will be able to make approximately 200 calls or a combination of 200 calls and replies. Keep in mind that more time will be used if any of your recipients choose to replay your message.)

If your message will likely take longer than 25 seconds, then plan on each call using up a minute of call time and determine your package size based on how many phone numbers you have on your list and whether or not you will be accepting replies from your recipients.

As you’re signing up, you’ll be offered various call time packages. You’ll also be given the opportunity to keep your credit card on file so that your account can be automatically “recharged” when your balance falls to zero. This is a great way to ensure that, even if you underestimate your call time needs, all of your calls will be placed and your replies will be accepted.

Remember, when using the phone to record and send messages or perform any other account management functions, call time is used. No minutes are charged to your account when using the computer interface.

Hint: If you choose not to keep your credit card on file, be sure to watch your balance to ensure there are enough minutes left to complete any broadcast you launch.

Your remaining account balance is always shown at the top of your secure account page.

Maximum message and recipient reply length — 120 seconds.

Emergency calls are billed at 1.5 times the normal rate.

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